Causes We Support

Children are too often the innocent victims of circumstances when an unexpected, “bad” thing happens. Many parents and their families experience a “falling down” for a multitude of reasons. We’re here to help lift them up and be a part of the solution however we can.

Aristotle once said, “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Our students need all of us to find a way to support the power of education for each generation. Our way is by giving through the magical tastiness of Italian Ice.

We are grateful for our everyday heroes who commit their careers and their lives to be there when we need them. Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Teachers and enlisted military personnel and veterans can simply never be thanked often enough. We’re here to help you help them keep doing what we often take for granted.

We love your pets! We love all pets, especially those who don’t have homes or are not taken care of properly. We also love the animals that run free and are sometimes threatened by our failure to cohabitate and appreciate. We can help.

From practicing healthy habits to treating cancer and dementia and everything in between, we want to join your efforts for a healthier community.